You found my site! Lucky you.

You’re probably here to read about my ridiculous adventures or eyeball some amazing looking food photos.  Maybe you heard about my accident or found me through or The Gospel of Shower Laundry. Whatever the case may be, welcome!

You’re here just in time to see my website evolve as I learn some fun new skills, both design and development and to see, in the next few months, the great new projects I have in the pipeline. It won’t be easy getting everything done as I explore the world, but who needs sleep?

I’m funding my adventures partially through my freelance writing so if you have a need for an expert writer or editor, please feel free to reach out. I specialize in SEO copy but can be lured into creating and editing other interesting content as well.

You can best reach me at:

Twitter: @amnashamimnyc
Instagram: @amnashamimnyc

I would give you my phone number but that sucker changes with each country-hop.